What are we aiming when we design our adaptive products? - 3D Donate

Kitchen auxiliary products

Situations such as using a fork, using a spoon, using a knife, holding a glass are among the most difficult activities for people with disabilities to perform. While creating our products, we work to facilitate access to the most needed products in daily life.

Daily tools and equipment

We create our products to enable individuals to perform key situations such as key grip, door handle grip, cash machine use, grocery shopping and to participate more in daily life.

Personal care auxiliary products

Subjects such as using toothbrushes and toothpaste, using a comb, and cutting their nails are activities that individuals have some difficulty but can do on their own through adaptive products.

Training tools and materials

Being able to hold a pencil is one of the most needed products to use paper. We develop our designs in this direction in order to support the participation of individuals in academic life.

Technology usage equipments

Since facilitating access to computers, phones and tablets contributes to the business and producer activities of individuals and increases their employability, we continue our designs in this area.