What are the daily life activities? - 3D Donate


These are the activity fields including functional mobility , household management and communal mobility.It’s important for an individual to live freely.A family and their roles are affected if one’s freedom in daily life activities are affected.

Daily life activities are being considered under two subtitles

  • Basic daily life activities
  • Subsidiary daily life activities

Basic daily life activities are including basic skills for an individual to live and that is considered under three subtitles

1)Self care (Dressing , eating , toilet,make up , shaving etc.)

2)Mobility (mobility in the bed,mobility with wheelchair,ambulation )

3)Communication (Writing, using mobile phone ,using special communication devices 

Assistant daily life activities, according to American Ergotherapy association AOTA assistant daily life activities are complex activities because of their interaction with the environment.These activities which are based on choices are 

1)Household  management (shopping, food planning and preperation, cleaning , laundry)

2)Community life abilities (financial management,driving a car , using public transportations)

3)Health Management (Usage of medicine , managing hospital appointments)

4)Security(112 emergency call, being aware of dangerous situations ,urgent security in a fire situation 

5) Using domestic appliances( Teapot, Fridge, vacuum cleaner)

As 3D donate volunteers we are providing the production and delivery  of adaptive products in order to include indidviduals into daily life.






Occupational Therapist İsmail İŞLER