What is assistive technology? - 3D Donate


Assistive technology  is a sub-branch which is used in rehabilitation period known as a support product which aims to provide increasement in creativity and to provide equal environmental conditions for handicapped individuals.Supportive equipments and technologies are appliances which ensures or increases an individual’s freedom and functionality.In addition they are used for avoiding secondary health problems and inabilities.

Communication capacity is increased by the use of assistive technologies such as;wheelchairs,hearing aids,optical devices,orthesis,prothesis and some particular computer softwares.


Assistive technology definition as in rehabilitation medical supportive equipments are primarily defined in 1998 in American constitution.According to this assistive technology is defined as equipments which improves , protects ,increases and sold prepared and designed ,adapted and modified for a particular need .Assistive technological devices supports handicapped individuals to be able to do daily activities such as sight , movement and speech.

All in all we can suggest that assistive technologie’s aim is to provide freedom for handicapped individuals by supporting and providing security in the field of education and elderliness.


Assistive technological devices are classified as three groups ; devices  which are in no  need of technology , devices which need nominal technology and the ones in need of high technology . Widened stems of forks and knives,equipment for reaching,equipment for facilitating socks wearing and triangle pillows can be examples for assistive technological equipments which are in no need of technology.Wheelchairs,walkers , short leg devices and hearing aids are examples for lower need for technology.Some examples for higher technologies are environmental control systems , robotical systems such as lokomat which facilitate the usage of upper limb and lower limb.

As the costs of 3D printers decreased , assistive technologies which are in lower need of technology are produced in a couple of hours and plays a really important role in handicapped individuals lives.It provides flexibility for personal customization and it is very important to make an intervention under the control of a doctor.






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