Law and friends occupation are defined as the activity and mission clusters which are to provide one’s personal needs of maintenance and expression.Occupations are linked to the roles of individuals and are made in different areas.Occupations include an individual’s daily activities(personal care ,work, creative endeavors, gamed and spare time activities etc.)

Occupational performance :

Occupational performance is stated as the ability to do , organize and pick the occupations which are identified culturally and compatible with their age.Occupational performance is the result of a complex process which is shaped by one’s aims , responsibilities, wants and the needs of their environments.

Ergotherapy went through some theorical changes over time just as the other proffesionalfields.Yet the only thing stays the same is that occupation is the main paradigm of ergotherapy.The interventions used to provide maximum performance and participation are always individual centered.

Helping a handicapped child to participate in social and communicative  work and school, supporting to gain one s abilities back after an injury , supporting the elders who are experiencing physical and cognitve changes and regaining individuals back to life and work are some of the examples for ergotherapic approach.We can reach our participation aim by analyzing one’s occupations and environment.






Occupational Therapist İsmail İŞLER